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‘Winds Of Winter’ Release Date On March 2017: How To Preorder

‘Winds Of Winter’ Release Date On March 2017: How To Preorder
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‘Winds Of Winter’ Release Date On March 2017: How To Preorder

“Winds Of Winter” is scheduled for release next year, but fans are going crazy currently as reports are surfacing over an online listing for the book. George RR Martin’s new book will be the sixth and penultimate novel in his epic fantasy series.

Martin’s Winds of Winter is a part of “A Song of Ice and Fire.” “A Game Of Thrones” was the first to be adapted on the small screen as “Game Of Thrones” HBO’s hit series, NME reports.

There is a rumor that the release date of George RR Martin’s next novel has been revealed through Redditor Burnfyre. Meanwhile, Amazon France after missing several deadlines claims that Winds Of Winter will be published on March 9, 2017, Winter Is Coming reports.

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Though Amazon has not officially confirmed the release date of the book, but it has listed the book on its website. No image of the book is given in the listing but the book appears to be priced at 9.94 Euros.

Amazon France has a placeholder and release date of the book in place. Since the book is up for orders, the date of the book release looks to be genuine. By then all 2016 deliveries would be complete.

However, early 2017 is the date being marked by many experts, Winter Is Coming reports. The ISBN number of “Winds Of Winter” has reportedly been registered and it appears to be that of Penguin Random House.

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“Another ISBN of The Winds of Winter has been registered with the ISBN office. I have no clue how long this has been,” writes a Redditor.

The user added that the ISBN number is the numeric marker assigned to each edition and variation on a book. He revealed that the no assigned to Winds Of Winter: 9780553801538, Wiki of Thrones reports.

Penguin Random House has been said to be the publishers of the upcoming book as the prefix 978-0-553 is associated with them. The user also said that Harper Collins has also registered a new ISBN for the book, which is 9780002247412.

Another side to the speculations is publishers are reshuffling the numbers for a possible illustrated edition. However, this does not mean that the Winds Of Winter may release in 2017.

George RR Martin told in an interview that he will announce the release of Winds of Winter on his blog. The writer’s “A Dance with Dragons” was published in July 2011.

Winds Of Winter

Winds of Winter screen shot from Amazon.

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