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‘Winds of Winter’ Update: George R.R. Martin’s Book May Need Saving

‘Winds of Winter’ Update: George R.R. Martin’s Book May Need Saving
Winds of Winter from Winds of Winter / GRRM


‘Winds of Winter’ Update: George R.R. Martin’s Book May Need Saving

‘Winds of Winter’ is nearing its completion  just as the sixth season of Game of Thrones comes to a close. The suspense George R.R. Martin’s latest book could now be lost.

In the books, Jon is still dead, the Sept of Baelor still stands, and Arya is still far from being No One. These are now nothing more than memories for the characters when it comes to the show.

According to The Guardian, until recently the stories in the book were somewhat improved by the series. All unnecessary characters were condensed or removed and the plot streamlined.

Different Plotlines

However, some characters, like Sansa Stark took on a completely different direction. She is still in the Vale and has never met the Boltons, and to make things more confusing, it was Arya who married Ramsay, albeit an impostor.

It may be good news that now the “Battle of the Bastards” is unlikely to happen in Winds of Winter. But the fact is Jon is now King in the North in Game of Thrones while he’s still a corpse in “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

Borrow Plot From The “Game of Thrones” Television Series

Who’s to stop Martin from taking a few interesting plot from the series and incorporate it into the novels. It makes his job easier and could possibly hasten the release of his seventh book A Dream of Spring.

The novels might also kill off characters in the same way as the series. Major bummer for anyone who’s happy Margaery is alive in print. Whatever the case most of the suspense for the books is gone thanks in part to the series.

Can this affect “Winds of Winter” sales? Or boost it, since fans might want to check if the book differs from the show?

If you will ever experience a feeling of Déjà vu in reading “Winds of Winter,” this might be the main reason. The sixth book starts off with the which we did not see until later in the season.

There might be a little mix-up with the flow of events from the series and the books. But most of the development from the series will definitely happen in the novels as Martin is also its executive producer.

Make no mistake, though; whatever happens in “Game of Thrones” season 6 is now a completely different story from Winds of Winter.

Similarities might appear but the show will definitely end before Martin’s seventh book is published.

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