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Windows Phone Introduces Bing Health and Fitness App to Users

Windows Phone Introduces Bing Health and Fitness App to Users


Windows Phone Introduces Bing Health and Fitness App to Users

Microsoft Corp is bringing a health-tracking app into its Windows Phone. The aim is obviously to help users reach their wellness goals. This initiative may ride on in the popular trend of using mobile devices as gadgets when doing exercise programs.

Health & Fitness app would bring together fitness, nutrition, and helpful health content into smartphones. It may come with tools, trackers, and many other features. What’s more? The new app, which was launched yesterday, is accessible for free.

The app would enable users to set daily calorie targets. It may also help record what they eat and obtain nutritional information for over 30,000 types of food. These are all possible now using any Windows Phone device.

Thus, if a user is about to eat pizza, he may first check out the calorie content of it. Aside from calories, the new app would also give information about fat and carbs content in each slice. As each day progresses, the user can determine just how many calories he has already consumed within the day. It may make it easier to monitor how the user performs in keeping up with his wellness goals.

More interesting features

There are other features that may make Health & Fitness app useful. There are inspirational messages that would keep users motivated and inspired to carry on their wellness programs. The app also brings about procedural instructions, photographs, and videos for numerous workout programs and exercise routines.

For instance, if a user wants to start doing yoga, the app would offer tips for beginners as well as startup moves. For hardcore exercises, a good start is provided through a 35-minute fat-loss workout program, which is also outlined in the app.

Furthermore, there is a GPS tracker to record time, distance, calories, and pace while the user walks, runs, bikes, and/or does other physical activities. The new app would certainly be a handy fitness tool for Windows Phone users.

Other apps 

The Interactive Symptom Checker in app lets users enter symptoms into the system to get ideas on the possible medical conditions present. Of course, consultation with a doctor is recommended afterwards.

For users of multiple Windows 8 devices, Health & Fitness app would also keep a tracker data synchronized in all of those. The app was launched along with a few more new apps like Bing Food & Drink and Bing Travel app. 

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