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Windows Phone Adopts ‘Kill Switch’ to Boost Anti-Theft Protection

Windows Phone Adopts ‘Kill Switch’ to Boost Anti-Theft Protection


Windows Phone Adopts ‘Kill Switch’ to Boost Anti-Theft Protection

Windows Phone Adopts ‘Kill Switch’ to Boost Anti-Theft ProtectionMicrosoft Corp will not stop continuously improving its products and services. The giant technology firm has recently bolstered the security features of its Windows Phone. That was through the adoption of CTIA’s Smartphone Anti-Theft Voluntary Commitment. It signed an agreement for the technology in April.

Windows Phone would soon have the ‘kill switch’ feature that is becoming popular in the industry these days. It will be available through an upcoming update for all Windows Phone 8 gadgets. If you are asking for a timetable, Microsoft hinted that it would be within the coming weeks.

Microsoft has the Find My Phone feature as the main security offering of Windows Phone. The feature allows Windows Phone users to remotely find, lock, ring, or erase the device using a Web interface on a PC. It is still not clear it that has to be ditched in favor of the kill switch feature.

Recommended security feature

Microsoft has just followed the recommendation of the US government together with the CTIA for it to bolster its security features. The company was advised to add the ability for users to remotely erase data and disable their device. At the same time, reactivation of the device will be prevented without the consent of the registered user. This way, the anti-theft feature would be bolstered to discourage thieves to target Windows Phone devices.

The feature would have the users able to reactivate their device only when it is recovered. By that, the data will be restored as well using information stored in the cloud.

Other companies’ security measures

Interestingly, Microsoft is not the only company that is adopting the kill switch feature for its mobile device. Google has also entered into the same agreement so it could finally and eventually adopt the feature into Android smartphones and devices. The company has also pledged support for the Smartphone Anti-Theft Voluntary Commitment of CTIA.

How about the other technology firms? Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics have their own features that lock down their devices if those are stolen or lost. According to data obtained from Consumer Reports, stealing of Apple devices dropped 24% after the kill switch feature was implemented. As for Samsung, stealing of its devices rose 3% before the kill switch feature was introduced as a form of enhancement.

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