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Windows 8.1’s major update leaked online

Windows 8.1’s major update leaked online


Windows 8.1’s major update leaked online

The incoming update for Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 might not have been very notable in appearance and it does not have pretentiously imposing changes in styles. But, as far as the navigation, scrolling and start up modifications and positive changes are concerned, this update would definitely mark its worth. So, in a way it can be implied that the developers paid more attention to the performance based features rather than appearance dependent modules. The leaked version of this can be tried online. It is to be noted that this version is not finalized and thus should not be considered as the real deal.

The news from last month discloses that this update will allow you to attach the Windows Store applications on the start bar on the desktop. In other words, the update is capable of customizing the start bar that appears on the desktop. The programs attached to this customized start bar will be dependent on the user’s choice.

The user will have the privilege of attaching these programs to the bar and thus, these pinned Windows Store applications would appear with other programs on the start bar. From an analyst’s point of view this modification seems like to save time. User would no longer be supposed to browse through the Start Screen to launch a particular program. For users who prefer performance, speed, quality and features over the appearance, this new feature would definitely add to their experience.

The features like close, minimize and snap are displayed on a new bar. This bar is associated and linked with the Windows 8-styled applications. These features can be used either by clicking or simply by the swiping the finger across the screen. In this way, more interface based flexibility is added to the Windows 8-styled applications.

The live tiles are now even easier to customize. Right clicking a live tile would pop up a contextual menu that would allow the user to resize, move or remove that particular tile. Another feature that has been incorporated to this update is the new shutdown button that allows the user to restart and shutdown the computer. Moreover, using the same drop down menu the computer can be put into sleep mode. This appearance is mere experimental in nature. The finalized version of this update is anticipated to be released next month.

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