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Windows 8.1 Update Coming Next Month

Windows 8.1 Update Coming Next Month


Windows 8.1 Update Coming Next Month

Microsoft has finished the process of Windows 8.1 Update 1 development. The sources that are familiar with the plans of Microsoft revealed the fact that the software maker has recently finished the final version of the update in a process that is well known as Release to Manufacturing (RTM). Microsoft has begun sharing the latest version of the update with PC makers and partners before its provisional release in next month. Some reports show that the update was completed on February 21.

Although the update is ready to be launched, yet Microsoft is not yet clear about its branding of the final version.  The company launched update 1 as the ‘spring’ update for Windows 8.1 during the event held at Mobile World Congress in last week.

Most of the customizations are made to facilitate the keyboard and mouse users with the options available to unveil the Windows 8 apps on the desktop bar, having the ability to show the taskbar on the desktop above Windows-8 style apps as well as a new title bar appearing at the top of apps of Windows 8 with options available to minimize, snap apps, or close.

Microsoft is also planning to add the link of shut down button to the Start screen to be designed for non-touch machines with the availability of search button present for all the machines.

In addition to the changes in context-menu where we can right-click on the Live tiles to produce the options of resize, unpin and many more.

Microsoft is also tweaking with the booting to desktop option works in Windows 8.1 update 1. Microsoft is thinking to boot Windows 8.1 automatically for non-touch PC users to the desktop like interface by default as long as they already haven’t already changed the settings that allows to surpass the tiled start screen. Early tests associated with the update altered the default apps associated with the photos and audio files if boot-to-desktop is automatically enabled.

Microsoft is also trying to change the amount of disk space consumed by the Windows 8.1. Following the license changes in Windows 8.1, the latest update of Windows 8.1 will allow the manufacturers to design machines with 1GB RAM, and 16GB storage. This change will bring the lower price points.

In short, Microsoft is adjusting to the feedbacks now in accommodating them in the latest update and willing to invest in Windows 8.1.

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