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Windows 10 Vs. Android N: Which Mobile Operating System Has A Bright Future?

Windows 10 Vs. Android N: Which Mobile Operating System Has A Bright Future?


Windows 10 Vs. Android N: Which Mobile Operating System Has A Bright Future?

Windows 10 needs no introduction. Microsoft also looks keen on taking this operating system to non-Lumia devices. Smartphones running on Windows were never a hit among users. Having said that, Lumia phones always had a fan base of its own. As Windows 10 is just booming, currently it has only one competitor, Android. Competing with iOS is out of question at this stage. Between Windows 10 vs. Android N, let’s see which OS has the potential to win the race.

Let us first talk about the speed at which these operating systems are rolling out. Windows 10’s biggest drawback is its slow and flawed updates. The operating system is awaited on mobile phones since last year. The update is being pushed without any explanation month after month. Forget about non-Lumia devices converting into Windows 10 phones, not even older Lumia phones have yet received the mobile update. On the other hand, Android N is quicker than expected with updates. Google has already started updating its apps for Android N. Considering the speed of the updates, Android N is a clear winner.

Speaking of the features, I do not think that the loyalty of customers will change depending on the features offered as no operating system is offering extraordinary features that users cannot do without. Multi-tasking, battery saving, a new way to flash notifications, these are the changes every brand is incorporating in their new devices. As technology advances, more such changes will be introduced. These small changes won’t convince users to switch from one brand to another.

What will decide the future of these operating systems is the quality of updates rolled out and their flexibility to adapt to the technologies that will be introduced in the near future. The main challenge in front of Windows 10 is the shortage of devices. There are no enough Windows 10 devices in the market so that smartphone users can give them a shot. The options are limited. The same cannot be said when it comes to Android phones. If I do not like phone A, I can go for phone B which will be running on Android N. Any which ways, I will get to try Android N before I decide to accept or reject it. To beat Android or Android N, Microsoft needs to be quick with manufacturing Windows 10 devices and also rolling out mobile updates.

Currently, when we compare Windows 10 vs. Android N, Google’s operating system will, without any doubt, lead.

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