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Windows 10 Upgrade Reminder With Internet Explorer Security Patch

Windows 10 Upgrade Reminder With Internet Explorer Security Patch
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Windows 10 Upgrade Reminder With Internet Explorer Security Patch

A few days back, we told you about how Microsoft has started pushing ads on Windows 10. A similar approach has been adopted by the company to convince users who have not yet downloaded the latest operating system. Microsoft has tried everything it can to make every Windows user try the Windows 10 upgrade but have not always been successful.

What has been frustrating critics and other Windows users is Microsoft’s constant reminders to download Windows 10. The company even shifted from “recommended” to “now or later.” Microsoft has now released a security patch for every version of Windows. This also includes the Internet Explorer and a security patch for the vulnerabilities found in the browser. As the brand pushed security patch for the browser, it pushed Windows 10 upgrade banner ad along. So when you open Internet Explorer 11, you will see a message similar to ‘Get Windows 10’ flashing in the new tabs, all thanks to the latest security patch.

Should we expect more Windows 10 upgrade ads with every update?

Updates and security patches are released to get rid of bugs and vulnerabilities. But companies have always been using updates to their own benefit. When you tag anything under “improvement” in the system, people accept whatever is being pushed. And then under security patches hide unwanted changes. One such example is Windows 10 upgrade banner ads on Internet Explorer. With every update, the company can manipulate the way our laptops/desktops/tablets work; the same is applicable to our mobile phones. It shouldn’t be a surprise if we see our computers loaded with ads even before we connect to the Internet. Remember the lock screen ads? Just how costly is the free Windows 10 upgrade? Maybe we will come to know in a few years’ time. But certainly, not all that glitters is gold.

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