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Windows 10 Upgrade Message Pops Up, Interrupting Live Weather Report

Windows 10 Upgrade Message Pops Up, Interrupting Live Weather Report
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Windows 10 Upgrade Message Pops Up, Interrupting Live Weather Report

It’s official now – the upgrade messages for Windows 10 that show up without any prior warning, are the most annoying thing ever. Such a message popped up in the middle of a live weather broadcast on KCCI and landed the unsuspecting meteorologist, Metinka Slater in a bit of a pickle.

According to Beta News, ever since Microsoft came out with the latest version of Windows, there has been news of the desktop operating system upgrading itself to Windows 10 without so much as a warning or notification to the concerned user. And if it’s not that, it is the frustrating recommendation message from Microsoft to urge one to upgrade to Windows 10 immediately.

The pop-ups for the Windows 10 upgrade are far too intrusive, compared to the ones that push Apple’s OS X for Mac, reports Engadget. The evidence of the level of intrusion was witnessed firsthand by Metinka Slater when the upgrade message popped up midway into Slater’s report on a thunderstorm, on KCCI 8 News, that was about to bring 12 hours of heavy showers. The unwelcome message covered most of the radar screen, startling the meteorologist. Even though it must have been extremely embarrassing for Slater, kudos has to be given to her presence of mind and for not freezing up.

“Microsoft recommends upgrade to Windows 10, what should I do? Ah, don’t you love when that pops up?” said an amused Slater, soon after the message popped up.

Microsoft had announced in last year’s fall that they would be mandatorily uploading installation files for Windows 10 on PCs to make it easier for people who want to upgrade their version of Windows. However, it said nothing about people who did not wish to make the choice because the files in question reportedly take up 3.5GB to 6GB of one’s hard drive space, with no way of deleting them.

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