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Windows 10 Update Brings Android Phone Notifications To PC

Windows 10 Update Brings Android Phone Notifications To PC via Compfight cc


Windows 10 Update Brings Android Phone Notifications To PC

Microsoft has a new offer for its fans with its latest windows 10 update, called notification mirroring, which was recently announced by the company at the Build Conference 2016 in San Francisco. With the Windows 10-powered Android devices and laptops synched on Wi-Fi network, users can get all notifications directly on the desktop from their smartphones.

Microsoft’s Thomas Fennel and Andrew Bares presented the new features of Windows 10 at the conference. They demonstrated how users can “mirror” notifications through the use of Cortana on their smartphones to their Windows 10-powered PCs.

As reported by Android Community, if a user receives a Twitter notification on their Android device, Cortana shows it off on your PC. This means you will know about a Twitter notification even if your social networking account is not open on your desktop or laptop.

By using the “Universal Dismiss” app, users can discard notifications that they do not want. Enabling the app will help a user to remove the notification from their smartphone and desktop at the same time. As of now, the Redmond tech giant has future plans to incorporate features like archive mail and reply to messages directly from the desktop without opening your mail account.

The techno giant has plans to foray into the iPhone domain and make the feature available across more than one platform. “Microsoft is looking into ways of implementing these features. However, as the platform isn’t as opened as Android, the company isn’t able to integrate these features at the moment, according to a report.

While the mirror notification feature to Windows 10 update has already been announced, Microsoft did not specify the exact release date. We can hope that it will launch on Windows 10 Anniversary update slated for a late summer release, reports TechnoBuffalo. Keep checking this space to learn about the arrival of the new mirror notification feature.

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