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Windows 10 Update: ‘Anniversary’ Patch Brings Cortana to Xbox One, Play Anywhere and More

Windows 10 Update: ‘Anniversary’ Patch Brings Cortana to Xbox One, Play Anywhere and More
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Windows 10 Update: ‘Anniversary’ Patch Brings Cortana to Xbox One, Play Anywhere and More

While many fans consider Microsoft’s Windows 10 update notification to be annoying, the company has included new features to an upcoming patch to make customers happy and attract more users.

Microsoft confirmed that its Windows 10 Update called “Anniversary” will be released on August 2. The update will contain new features to improve the functionality and connectivity of Xbox One and PC.

According to Gamespot, the Windows 10 Anniversary update will install Microsoft’s Play Anywhere feature in Xbox One, an add-on that was revealed at E3. Gamers who purchase digital copies of game titles with Play Anywhere will be provided with access to play on both Xbox One and PC. Both console and windows users can avail this feature. Also, PC gamers without Xbox One can purchase the title through Windows Store.

As of now, Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and many other titles have been confirmed to be compatible with Play Anywhere feature. The Anniversary update will also be releasing Cortana, a digital voice assistant similar to Siri for Xbox One. Players can use Cortana through Kinect or any headset to switch on their Xbox One and use other features.

The Windows 10 update also has a new program, which gives gamer the independence to choose the language they desire even if it isn’t related to the region they reside in. Another feature confirmed at E3, the background music support for Xbox One will also be arriving through the update.

The tech giant confirmed during the Microsoft’s Build Conference in March that they will also launch a new functionality program called “Xbox Dev Mode.” It will allow all Xbox One retail system to be used as devkits. Although it was supposed to be a part of the Anniversary update, Microsoft didn’t state any information about it.

While it may seem like Microsoft’s focus is on Xbox One, the Windows 10 Anniversary update also has several features for PC. The update will improve the Edge internet browser and will provide the Windows Ink pen overlay feature and other upgrades that strengthen PC’s security.

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