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Windows 10 Tips: Know Microsoft’s Latest Operating System Better

Windows 10 Tips: Know Microsoft’s Latest Operating System Better
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Windows 10 Tips: Know Microsoft’s Latest Operating System Better

Windows 10 is a new operating system and people still have not logged in sufficient time to get to know the operating system inside out. Windows 7, Windows 8, XP are the old systems which gave users enough time to understand the hack, but the case is different with Windows 10. So, here we bring you some of Windows 10 tips and tricks to make your life easier.

Importing bookmarks on Windows 10 browser

Windows 10 has come along with its own browser, Microsoft Edge, which is recommended if you are using the latest operating system. If you have chosen this browser over Internet Explorer or Chrome, you will need to carry your bookmarks along. The procedure is very simple. Open Microsoft Edge, beside address bar you will see three horizontal lines, click on the lines. This window will appear:

Microsoft Edge Favorites

Now click on “Import favorites.” Another window will appear

Microsoft Edge

Click on Import and wait till the transfer is complete. You can, in a similar way, access your bookmarks once the import is done.

Customize Start Menu

Windows 10’s start menu comes with its own tiles of apps. We do not either need or use all the apps listed on the menu. You can get rid of such tiles and replace them with the ones you frequently use. All you need to do is, right click on the live tile. You will then get a number of options

Windows 10 Live Tiles

You can choose whatever options you want to. If you want to change the size of the tile, go to Resize and select any of the options given: Small, Medium, Wide, Large. You can also choose to Unpin certain apps from the Start Menu or replace them with other apps by just “drag and drop.”

Start Windows 10 faster than before

As you start your Windows 10, many apps start working in the background which you do not use. These apps slow down your system. To avoid this, look for Task Manager on Cortana. As you open the desktop app, you will see a list of apps along with their “Status.” You can choose which apps you want to start along with your boot up and which you do not want to launch as you start your laptop/desktop. To enable or disable these apps, right click on “enable/disable” options, and select option according to your choice.

Hope these Windows 10 tips help you to declutter your Windows 10 machine. We will be back with more Windows 10 tips and tricks, so keep watching this space.

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