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Windows 10 Pro: Here’s How To Stop Forced Updates

Windows 10 Pro: Here’s How To Stop Forced Updates
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Windows 10 Pro: Here’s How To Stop Forced Updates

Windows 10 has come with its own list of bugs and issues. On the one hand, users who wanted to upgrade Windows 7/8 to Windows 10 could not do so, while the ones who did not want to upgrade were harassed by constant notifications. Then came privacy concerns, Microsoft Surface sleep issues, Windows 10 devices not properly shutting down, battery drain and what not? Listed below is one common Windows 10 Pro issue, forced updates followed by a step-by-step guide about how to stop them:

One of the common Windows 10 Peo issues is forced updates. Once you download the operating system, every now and then it gets an update bringing minor, unnoticeable changes to your system. I am very much in favor of these updates, to be very honest but not everyone is. Users get comfortable with whatever exists on their desktop and do no wish to introduce thier machines to any change unless and until it is a major one which the whole world is talking about. Not just that, restarting your system once the updates are installed is another pain. What if you are in the middle of something and your machine restarts or constanly bugs you to reboot? To avoid this, Windows 10 Pro users can either go to Settings > Update and Security > Advanced Options. Now select “Notify to schedule restart.” If you are a Windows 10 Pro users, then type ‘Edit Group Policy‘ on Cortana. A few web results will show up along with the Control Panel App. Open Edit Group Policy (Control Panel). This window will appear:

Edit Group Policy

Under Computer Configuration, there is Administrative Templates. Click on it. Another list of setting will appear. Select Windows Component > Windows Update. This Window must now be on your screen:

Windows Update

Now double-click on the fifth option, “Configure Automatic Updates.” Now select “Enabled.” On the left hand side, under Configure Automatic Updating, click on the drop-down and select “Notify for download and notify for install.” Click ok and you are done.

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