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Is Windows 10 The Next Android For Smartphones?

Is Windows 10 The Next Android For Smartphones?


Is Windows 10 The Next Android For Smartphones?

Windows 10 came and it conquered – from desktops to smartphones, the OS became an overnight star. Even though it is a hit, Microsoft phones, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL did not make expected sales. There can be two possible reasons for this: one, the price tag and second, the history of Lumia phones.

Elaborating further, we can say that none of the above reasons are stand-alone. If Lumia phones would have been a hit since the beginning, people wouldn’t have thought twice to pay the amount Microsoft was asking for. But paying $549 and $649 for phones that do not have a good sales history or were not even the first choice of customers was like a shot in the dark. Having said that, Windows 10 is an independent product. It is safe to say that Lumia phones’ and their future is dependent on this operating system.

Understanding the popularity of Lumia phones, Microsoft has now taken a smart step. Just like the company rigorously promoted the software for desktop and its free upgrade, it has now started pushing this operating system to other phones. Along with Lumia 650, 550, 950 and 950 XL, the Insider Preview Build, this time, was released on non-Lumia phones as well. These are none other than Xiaomi Mi4 and Alcatel Onetouch Fierce XL. Surprisingly, these are not Windows phones. Both of these devices were powered by Android. Other well-known devices like OnePlus 2 and the upcoming OnePlus 3 may also adopt Windows 10. A report published by ibtimes said, “A Chinese media house IT Home, citing sources, has claimed that Microsoft officials are in talks with local smartphone makers Xiaomi and OnePlus to bring Windows 10 Mobile ROM to respective flagship phones — Mi 5, OnePlus 2 and the soon-to-be-released OnePlus 3.”

Right now what is important for Microsoft is to increase the number of Windows 10 phones. What Microsoft has today that Android doesn’t is Windows 10 desktops and the Display Dock which turns your mobile into a computer. With desktops, people are no longer required to give Lumia a try. They already know the capacities and capabilities of Windows 10. It is now about deciding to buy a Windows 10 phone, not Microsoft Lumia. Also, if two devices are allowing you to quickly merge your data and carry it wherever you go, why would anyone not want it? If Android doesn’t make any drastic changes to retain Android users, then it will soon become the next BB10 and Windows 10, might just be the next Android.

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