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Windows 10 Mobile Update Release: OS To Roll Out On February 29

Windows 10 Mobile Update Release: OS To Roll Out On February 29
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Windows 10 Mobile Update Release: OS To Roll Out On February 29

Windows 10 mobile update release is long overdue, we all know that. It was supposed to roll out in 2015, especially on Lumia devices running Windows 8.1. Microsoft failed to release the mobile update for its old Lumia devices and postponed it to January 2016. The company, due to reasons unknown, once again failed to release the Windows 10 mobile update and pushed it forward to February 2016.

After not speaking much about the status of Windows 10 mobile update release, Microsoft Mexico has said that the update may roll out on February 29, 2016. While giving out the news, Microsoft Mexico also reminded Lumia users that the update will be released only to eligible Lumia phones. Though the launch will be global,  not all Lumia phones will receive the update on the same day.

But Windows Central still doubts if the Windows 10 mobile update release is really happening on February 29. While reporting what Microsoft Mexico has posted on its Facebook page, Windows Central in its post wrote, “It’s certainly worth noting that this isn’t official confirmation from Microsoft for a worldwide roll out and things are always subject to change, especially with regards to how the company has continually delayed the release. That said, it could at least be an indicator that the launch isn’t far off. We’ll have to hold out and wait and see.” There is not a single point here that we cannot agree with. Though not an official confirmation, we can still take it as a hint and expect Windows 10 mobile release to be actually happening soon.

On a positive note, recently, Windows 10 mobile update release was spotted on some Lumia devices in Egypt and Jordan. The chances are that Microsoft was testing the update before it could globally release it. The update in these countries was rolled out secretly. Let’s wait for an official confirmation, or the least, for 29th February to get a confirmation about the Windows 10 mobile update release.

Keep watching this space for more Windows 10 mobile update release stories.

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