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Windows 10 Mobile Camera App Updated; Performance Improved, Bug Fixed

Windows 10 Mobile Camera App Updated; Performance Improved, Bug Fixed
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Windows 10 Mobile Camera App Updated; Performance Improved, Bug Fixed

The camera contributes to making phones a good device. The better the camera, the better the phone! With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft is aiming towards completely giving up the old and bringing in the new. To meet this purpose, Lumia cameras were replaced by Windows 10 camera app. And now to enhance the user experience, Microsoft has now updated this new app.

As we know, crashing is a common Windows 10 problem; whether it’s high-end Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 or desktops and mobile phones. The latest update aims at “bug fixes and reliability improvements” and “user experience improvements,” which should solve the camera crash issues. The Windows 10 mobile camera app has not worked on pausing video recording or manual controls to force Rich Capture HDR. This app is also available for PCs and tablet, but for now, the update has come only to phones.

About the Windows 10 camera app, Microsoft said, “The redesigned Camera app is faster and simpler than ever. Just point and shoot to take great pictures automatically. The same great camera experience is available across Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and phones.”

Listed below are the some of the things you should know about the app (as given on Microsoft’s camera app page on the Store):

  1. Requires hardware camera button
  2. Available on HTC One M8
  3. Available on Lumia 63X Series
  4. Available on Lumia 640, 640XL, 830
  5. Available on Lumia Icon, 930, 1520
  6. Available on Lumia 950 and 950XL

Windows 10 Mobile Camera: Features

Here are some of the key features of Windows 10 mobile camera app:

  1. Self-timer
  2. Video stabilization for flawless videos
  3. Rich capture
  4. Add movement to still pictures
  5. Slow motion video recording
  6. Let you shoot like a professional by letting you adjust ISO, exposure, etc
  7. Frames available
  8. Burst mode available
  9. Allows you to save images from video with the help of 4K video capture

Do you use windows 10 mobile camera app? Let us know in the comments below. How do you like it?

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