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Has Windows 10 Lumia Update Started Rolling Out?

Has Windows 10 Lumia Update Started Rolling Out?
Microsoft Lumia 535 Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr CC BY 2.0


Has Windows 10 Lumia Update Started Rolling Out?

Windows 10 Lumia update is long overdue. Microsoft has been postponing the upgrade since last year. There were reports that claimed that this latest operating system may start rolling out in February, and this may just be true. There is no official announcement yet but reports suggest that the OS have been released on Lumia 535.

Many of the old Lumia handsets are due for their Windows 10 mobile update. As per the previous rumors about the Windows 10 Lumia update release date, the news of this OS rolling out on Lumia 535 or any other Lumia phone makes sense. But if this news is true, why has Microsoft not made an announcement? It could be that the company wants to be sure that the update is flawlessly working and hence, is secretly testing it in smaller regions.

While reporting about the Windows 10 Lumia update, WMPowerUser wrote, “We have been getting tips over the course of the day that the upgrade to windows 10 mobile appears to be rolling out to Lumia 535 owners in Egypt and Jordan.”A few days back, there was a similar rumor about the mobile upgrade. The stories suggested that Lumia 640 has also started receiving the Windows 10 update, but this news later turned out to be fake.

We are still not sure if Microsoft has started rolling out Windows 10 Lumia update, is testing the update or all the stories are mere rumors. But it is confirmed that whenever the mobile update releases, it will first be rolled out on the following devices:

  1. Lumia 430,
  2. Lumia 640,
  3. Lumia 735,
  4. Lumia 535,
  5. Lumia 532,
  6. Lumia 640 XL,
  7. Lumia 830,
  8. Lumia 540, and
  9. Lumia 930

Whenever Microsoft officially releases Windows 10 mobile update for Lumia handsets, we will update you about the details. Keep watching this space for more Windows 10, Lumia and Microsoft news.

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