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Windows 10 Lock Screen Ads: Here’s How To Disable Them [Picture Guide]

Windows 10 Lock Screen Ads: Here’s How To Disable Them [Picture Guide]
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Windows 10 Lock Screen Ads: Here’s How To Disable Them [Picture Guide]

It’s an advertising world. Wherever you go, you will always see some brand selling their product, which you may like or dislike. You see ads everywhere, from your car parking to your living room. When you surf the internet you are bombarded with every size of ad, from Google Search Results to Facebook. With Windows 10 lock screen ads, you will have to go through this advertising torture even before your computer properly turns on.

Windows 10 lock screen ads are currently not running on every device. Very few people spotted the ad of “Rise of the Tomb Raider” on the lock screen page. But I am very sure that all of us will soon become a part of these promotions, or shall I say, these promotions will soon become a part of our lives? In any case, before you start receiving the ads, and are not interested in having anything flash on your computer before the machine even starts, follow these simple steps to stop Windows 10 lock screen ads:

Step 1

From Start Menu, go to Settings, then Settings > Personalization

Windows 10 Settings

Step 2

When you select Personalization, you will be navigated to another page. To the left side of your page, you will find a list. Select “Lock Screen.”

Windows 10 Lock Screen

Step 3

Just below the lock screen image in the above picture, can you see “Background”? Go to the drop-down and select “Windows Spotlight” instead of “Picture.”

Windows 10 lock screen settings

Also, turn off “Get fun facts, tips, tricks and more on your lock screen.” And don’t you worry, you will not lose anything by turning this option off. Till now, I have seen only two to three questions repeatedly flash on my lock screen, one of which is something like, why do chameleons change color? Click on it and I am directed to Bing results. So, you can peacefully turn that option off.

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