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Windows 10 Enterprise Users: ‘Enterprise State Roaming’ Feature Is Here

Windows 10 Enterprise Users: ‘Enterprise State Roaming’ Feature Is Here


Windows 10 Enterprise Users: ‘Enterprise State Roaming’ Feature Is Here

Yup, Windows 10 Enterprise users, ‘Enterprise State Roaming’ is finally here.

To make Windows 10 the best operating system, Microsoft has since the very beginning been very particular about features and specifications. As brands earn more from the enterprise sector, this crowd always gets more perks and special treatment. Microsoft is also trying its best to give the customers belonging to this category only the best. Hence, comes a new feature for Windows 10 enterprise customers.

The public preview of Enterprise State Roaming, a new Windows 10 enterprise feature has been made available by Microsoft.

What is this new feature all about? Enterprise State Roaming feature lets “Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) users gain the ability to securely synchronize their user settings and application settings data to the cloud” with Windows 10, says Microsoft. With this feature, Microsoft believes that Windows 10 Enterprise users will get a “unified experience across their Windows devices” and also reduce “the time needed for configuring a new device.”

Enterprise State Roaming is not completely a new feature. Windows 8 users are familiar with it. It is very much like the consumer settings sync old operating system users have previously used. Here are the features that Windows 10 Enterprise State Roaming feature will offer:

  1. Offers security: With the help of Azure Rights Management, also known as Azure RMS, the feature will automatically encrypt your data before leaving your device. All the data will be encrypted except:
    a) the namespaces, and
    b) Windows app names
  2. Location of data: While storing your data in the cloud, it will be stored “in an Azure region based on the country of the Azure AD domain,” says Microsoft.
  3. No mixing of consumer and corporate data: Sorting company and corporate data is the biggest trouble that companies face. With Windows 10 Enterprise State Roaming Feature, that will no more be a problem.
  4. Better control: You will be able to monitor and manage who syncs settings on which devices.

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