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Windows 10 Cortana: The Digital Assistant Will Now Set Reminders Based On Emails

Windows 10 Cortana: The Digital Assistant Will Now Set Reminders Based On Emails
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Windows 10 Cortana: The Digital Assistant Will Now Set Reminders Based On Emails

Windows 10 Cortana is a feature every person using Microsoft’s latest operating system is in love with. It is better if you are using this feature on a Windows 10 mobile. As days are pass, Microsoft improves Cortana with every update. This time, the digital assistant is all set to remind you about promises you have made via emails. Read on for details.

We receive hundreds of emails daily at work. Keeping track of what you have promised to whom and when it has to be fulfilled becomes quite difficult at times. If you have told a colleague that you will be meeting him at 10 and forgot about it, it will not do you any harm. But what if you forget an appointment with your boss or client? That might cause irreparable damage. To save you from forgetting important meetings, appointments or dates, Windows 10 Cortana will now help you in setting up reminders. Microsoft shed some light on how Windows 10 Cortana will now focus on reminders on Windows blog. In its latest post, Microsoft wrote,

“People often make promises to do things in email but may forget about them as the days go by and emails pile up. Microsoft Research (MSR) was pursuing an intriguing and powerful idea around this challenge—automatically recognizing when people make commitments to one another in email messages and providing reminders.  We collaborated very closely with MSR to bring this new ability to Cortana to help people better keep track of their commitments.”

The good part about this is that no reminders will be set automatically. So when Windows 10 Cortana suggests you to set reminders based on your email content, you can choose not to set a reminder. This feature can also be turned off if you are not comfortable with this digital assistant scanning your emails. If you are concerned about privacy, then please note that your data will not be sent to Microsoft’s server as email scanning will be done locally.

Aside from setting reminders, Windows 10 Cortana will also help you to manage your calendar by alerting you about “meetings outside of your regular times” and last minute meetings.

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