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Windows 10 connects 300 Million Devices, Free Offer to Expire

Windows 10 connects 300 Million Devices, Free Offer to Expire
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Windows 10 connects 300 Million Devices, Free Offer to Expire

All the nagging constant notification by Microsoft for Windows 10 has finally paid off. The company just reported that the OS is currently run by 300 million devices as we speak. If you haven’t got your free version yet, its time you do as it won’t be free for long.

Microsoft reported on the Thursday their massive success but also decided to give a warning to the consumers that Windows 10 will end its free upgrade in the next few months. Microsoft has decided to price the OS at $119 to consumers who wish to upgrade their PC with windows 10 after July 29th.

Microsoft’s primary goal was to hit over 1 billion devices across all platforms (Phones, tablets, PC etc.) In the April earnings, the company reported 270 million devices running Windows 10, earlier in January the executives confirmed it was “over 200 million devices.”

Even if Microsoft decided to release the OS initially at $119, and if it managed to acquire 300 million devices against all odds, the company would have earned $35 billion. But, it seems Microsoft’s master strategy is set on connecting more users. The scare to end the free offer might be to push more consumers to install Windows 10.

In a blog post by Yusuf Mehdi, the corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices group said, “If you’ve already upgraded to Windows 10 –- thank you. If you haven’t upgraded yet –- we hope you’ll consider upgrading today,”

Windows 10 has been available as a free edition for the last nine months. Although some PC users still have concerns with upgrading their OS, ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley is still doubtful if the company would renew the free offer. The OS is currently available for download which will cost you 3GB of space.

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