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Windows 10 Build 14279: Here Are The Issues Fixed For PC

Windows 10 Build 14279: Here Are The Issues Fixed For PC
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Windows 10 Build 14279: Here Are The Issues Fixed For PC

Microsoft, on March 4th, announced the release of Windows 10 build 14279. With this Insider Preview Build for fast ring users, the company has added 3 new languages to Cortana. It has also addressed some of the issues Windows 10 PC users were facing and have also resolved them. While there is a list of problems that still wait of its turn for a solution to come.

While announcing the release of Windows 10 build, Microsoft noted down the fixes it has worked on for PC users. Unfortunately, the Microsoft Surface freezing issue, which was previously resolved by past updates seem to have come back for Insider Preview users. In the post, known issues for PC have also been listed down along with the fixes where the company said that the team is “investigating an issue in which some Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Book devices experience a freeze or hang and all input such as keyboard/trackpad and touch do not work.” But with the bad news, comes a good news. Here is the list of fixes that Windows 10 build 14279 has brought along:

  1. Microsoft Edge and Cortana: The crash issue has been fixed for roaming profiles. This was one of the most annoying problems of Windows 10 when while working the Cortana used to crash all of a sudden. Even though issue has been fixed, Microsoft on its forum has clearly stated that “this fix will prevent any additional occurrences of this bug, but may not fix an already broken roaming user profile.”
  2. Cortana Reminders: Before Windows 10 build 14279 was released, Cortana used to flash completed reminders. This will not continue anymore.
  3. Copy/Paste Issues: When items were copy pasted to the desktop, users were not able to see them there unless and until the desktop was refreshed.  This has also been resolved. Items copy pasted will instantly be displayed on the desktop now.
  4. Bluescreen: Downloading some of the driver updates were resulting into blue screens. Microsoft claims to have resolved this issue.

For information about PC issues that have still not been fixed, read the Windows Blog here.

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