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Windows 10 Ads: The Reason Behind Free Windows 10 Download?

Windows 10 Ads: The Reason Behind Free Windows 10 Download?
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Windows 10 Ads: The Reason Behind Free Windows 10 Download?

Since Windows 10 has launched, the number of users who download this operating system increases every day. What made people try this OS was the tag “FREE.” Yes, the latest operating system, which is full of new features, comes loaded with what today’s generation is crazy about, gaming and apps for absolutely no cost. Trying it was no harm. Luckily, everyone instantly fell in love with this OS. With Windows 10 ads on the lock screen, we see the reason behind Free Windows 10 Download.

Microsoft is said to be running Windows 10 ads on the lock screen. Right now, through Windows 10 ads, the company is promoting Rise of the Tomb Raider. Yes, the game that supports Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. First spotted by ExtremeTech, these ads are currently limited to only a number of users. Writing about the same, the publication wrote,Microsoft has begun showing advertisements on the Windows 10 lock screen. The company telegraphed this move nearly a year ago, but has avoided actually pushing content until now.”

Were Windows 10 ads the reason behind free Windows 10 download?

Windows 10 was an instant, hit so why did Microsoft give it for free? With no definite answer, everyone has been busy speculating about the possible reasons. Some people believe that once Microsoft starts charging for Windows 10, it will be a hefty amount. Others also believed that “Free” is related to promotions in the future. As Windows 10 ads have started rolling out, I wonder if this is how Microsoft is going to recover its money. The operating system is already widespread, not just on PCs, but it is also trying to cover a maximum number of smartphones now. Brands will definitely jump onto this OS for advertising if given a chance to leave a mark on customers before even entering the world of internet.

Is Microsoft eyeing something bigger than expected? Will it go beyond self-promotion with Windows 10 ads? I say, it definitely will.

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