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Who Will Win In The XFactor Finale? Louisa Johnson, Reggie ‘N’ Bollie Bashed By Fans Online

Who Will Win In The XFactor Finale? Louisa Johnson, Reggie ‘N’ Bollie Bashed By Fans Online
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Who Will Win In The XFactor Finale? Louisa Johnson, Reggie ‘N’ Bollie Bashed By Fans Online

In this XFactor update, find out how people think when Lauren Murray was sent home. Read more negative reactions in this XFactor report.

The hit TV talent show series XFactor has received tremendous amounts of scrutiny ever since it entered the television scene due to unfortunate and fans-disfavored elimination of their favorite acts in the show.

As reported by Metro, one of the semi-finalists of the hit talent show XFactor and fan-favored contestant, Lauren Murray, lost to Louisa Johnson when they battled it out for a place in the show’s finale to air next week.

When Murray and Johnson were awaiting results on who would get to face Che Chesterman for the finale, it was apparent that Murray uttered the words ‘it’s Louisa’ before it was revealed that Johnson is the contestant who gets to compete next week.

When Murray was eliminated, several fans of the show, especially those that favored Murray, took to Twitter and shared their views on the results. One fan tweeted, “#xfactorliveshows #XFactor seriously Lauren gone home? She was the winner! Not happy right now! If Louisa wins it’s a fix’ want che 2win now.”

The source then indicated possibilities as to how Murray was able to predict that Johnson won over her. One theory pointed out that she was informed of the decision before it was made. Another theory suggested that she recognized the talent and potential of Johnson to make it through to the final and that the latter performed better than her. The most controversial theory, however, suggested that the decision was a ‘fix’.

In fact, Johnson wasn’t the only contestant in the semi-final rounds that was not favored by the vans. As Express reported, Reggie ‘N’ Bollie, a separate act who stood as audience during the announcement of Johnson’s win over Murray, were bashed online since they got through to the finals as opposed to Murray. Although the duo was considered a hit for several weeks since they entered the show, they were referred to as the act who had a similar vibe to “Cheeky Girls.” Even if they were popular throughout the season and their satisfactory performances of Black Eyes Peas’ “I’ve Got A Feeling” and Reel 2 Reals’ “I Like To Move It, Move It,” the act apparently didn’t have the vocal skills, technique, mastery and precision when It came to vocal abilities that Murray possessed.

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In fact, a fan tweeted online, “It’s meant to be a singing competition [not] an entertainment show @ReggieNBollie #XFactor.” Apparently, fans were taking their disappointments on Murray’s elimination out on every other contestant that made it through to the final.

Despite the negative social media reactions regarding the semi-final results of XFactor last night, Mirror reported – at least the audience were entertained with a separate outstanding vocal performance from one of the music industry’s renowned singers to date. Sia, the artist responsible for the one-hit-wonder track, “Chandelier,” performed her new single “Alive” last night. She was able to wow the audience with her ‘floating down in a dramatic wig and giant bow’ performance, her tremendous vocals, and dance moves that she busted with half-naked dancers.

Who will be crowned as the next big thing in the XFactor episode finale next week now that Lauren Murray is out of the picture? Was her elimination fixed or did Louisa Johnson truly earn her spot in the finals? Will the Reggie ‘N’ Bollie duo entertain their way to the top? Catch the two-episode season finale of XFactor this coming Saturday and Sunday on ITV and take your bets! It might be another controversial win once again!

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