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Will Swatch Beat Apple Watch With Sistem 51? Read The Complete Story

Will Swatch Beat Apple Watch With Sistem 51? Read The Complete Story


Will Swatch Beat Apple Watch With Sistem 51? Read The Complete Story

Different brands have been trying to beat Apple in different fields. Last week, we told you how Oppo is trying to win the race against Apple by trying to offer a cheaper version of the iPhone to customers with R7. This time, it’s Swatch. The brand is all set to compete with Apple Watch.

With people already unhappy with the Apple Watch, any brand entering the product category with an irresistible price tag would have been a smarter option.

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Why people would prefer system 51 over Apple Watch

Unlike iPhone, the watch from Apple has not been well-accepted by the customers, not even by loyal fans of the brand. Why?

1. Expensive: The classic version starts from $549,

2 .Uncomfortable,

3. Poor readability,

4. Complicate to use

When compared, Swatch’s Sistem 51 is better than Apple’s watch in every sense.

1. It costs only $150,

2. Runs for 90 hours,

3. Never runs out of the battery as it is powered by the movements of the wearer,

4. Has no batteries

Is ‘Watch’ really a category to compete for?

When brands like Apple and Swatch invest their time and efforts into launching something like a smartphone-cum-computer-cum-watch, they surely have their eyes set on future demand of the product. Considering the current scenario and demand for watches, we wonder why brands would invest in watches when they are not even trendy anymore.

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How many of us actually go and shop for watches when we have smartphones in our hands 24/7? And if it’s all about a watch and not smartphones, then why would people not choose analog watches which wouldn’t burn a hole in their pockets? Only time will tell us if this innovation will work or fail. For the time being, let us enjoy the the brand fight and witness its by-product – innovations!

You can also read a detailed report of Swatch Sistem 51 on Slate.

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