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Will Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Launch Earlier Than iPhone 7?

Will Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Launch Earlier Than iPhone 7?
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Will Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Launch Earlier Than iPhone 7?

Speculations are rife that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 might release prior to the IFA Berlin event in August, although nothing can be confirmed at the moment. However, a recent discount on Galaxy Note 5 is a clear indication that the Note 6 might appear earlier than Apple’s iPhone 7, scheduled for September.

With regard to this, Neil Mawston the Executive Director at Strategy Analytics to Bloomberg said, “We expect Samsung to release the Note 6 a month or two before the Apple iPhone 7, to try and grab that window of opportunity.” Also, a report claims that the Galaxy Note 6 gives several reasons how it may beat the iPhone 7.

Those who are interested to buy the Galaxy Note 5 at a discounted price should visit Walmart’s physical stores to avail the discount of $150. Other Samsung smartphones eligible for the discount include Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. It should be noted that the offer is valid till June 30 and is not offered online.

IBTimes notes that Samsung is shelling out its Note 5 series at a heavily discounted rate to push the release date of the Note 6 earlier. Despite having the reputation of releasing new products at the annual IFA Berlin event in September, the company launched the Note 5 in August. It could, hence, be expected that the upcoming flagship will also launch earlier this year.

Further reports based on South Korean business publication Bell’s version, Samsung will launch the Note 6 as early as July, packed with Android N out of the box. The new device is expected to come in a giant screen size, measuring 5.8-inch Quad HD display with Snapdragon’s 820 chipset and a whooping 6GB of RAM packed in. The rear camera will read 12MP, while the native storage space is expected to be 64GB/128GB.

Samsung holds the record of making lucrative sales with its Galaxy S7, which was released way ahead of the iPhone 7. If a similar trend is followed this time, Note 6 could be the company’s next big success.

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