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Will Of Princess Diana Now Available For Personal Use

Will Of Princess Diana Now Available For Personal Use
Princess Diana Souvenir Sheet Of 6 Stamps Issued By Ghana, Diana – Princess of Wales 1961 – 1997 Joe/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Will Of Princess Diana Now Available For Personal Use

The will of Princess Diana can now be downloaded for $15 from UK’s government site. Her will has been digitized among other wills or probate of any person in the UK who died in or after 1996.

Princess Diana’s will: For personal use only

The UK website said any will downloaded from the site is for personal use only.

“Wills are provided for personal use only: you must get the relative’s permission if you want to publish them in any way,” the site reads.

It will take 10 business days before the downloaded will becomes available. Other wills of famous personalities include that of Winston Churchill, George Orwell and A. A. Milne of “Winnie the Pooh.”

Princess Diana’s Will has always been available as public record

Qadir Ahmed, curator of Iron Mountain facility, said that the public is not aware that Princess Diana’s will or the will of famous personalities have always been public records. The original copies of the wills are in safekeeping in the facility. With the new service from the UK website, ordering copies of these wills become convenient as compared to ordering through posts or going to local registry offices, Ahmed said.

“A lot of the public are not aware these are public records. Once someone goes through probate, that’s it. It’s a simple process, through the website. You can pay a small fee of £10 and order a record of anyone who’s gone through probate, searching by the person’s name and year of death,” Ahmed told UK’s Western Daily Press.

Princess Diana’s Will

The Princess of Wales “bequeaths” to her butler Paul Burrel “the sum of 50,000 pounds, free of inheritance tax.” She also made express provision that in the event of her death, Prince Charles “will consult with my mother [Frances Shand Kydd] with regard to the upbringing, education and welfare of our children.”

Princess Diana had also expressed her wish to be buried. She asked for other keepsakes, including water color paintings and a carriage clock, to be distributed among her 17 godchildren.

The rest of her wealth she left to Prince William and Prince Harry, including her royal wedding dress.

While fans may download Princess Diana’s will out of curiosity, some out of sentimentality, Robert Jobson said the Princess of Wales had secured her will because of her love for her two sons. Jobson is the author of “The New Royal Family.”

“She wanted to make sure [her children] were showered with love. That’s something she really agonized over when she split from Prince Charles. I think this will reflects that,” Jobson told Today.


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