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Will FoxConn Make The Sapphire Displays For Future iDevices?

Will FoxConn Make The Sapphire Displays For Future iDevices?


Will FoxConn Make The Sapphire Displays For Future iDevices?

Will FoxConn Make The Sapphire Displays For Future iDevices?A report coming from the China Economic Weekly via Focus Taiwan said that FoxConn, Apple’s major iPhone manufacturer/assembler, might produce the sapphire glass for the Cupertino Firm’s next generation iPhones and other iDevices.

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus were supposed to sport the highly durable sapphire glass but unfortunately, Apple’s plan for its premier mobile handsets failed to materialize this year and the new flagship phones used the latest Gorilla glass instead.

According to the report, FoxConn will build a display manufacturing facility on a 300-acre lot next to an iPhone 6 assembly plant in Zhengzhou.  A similar report surfaced last week wherein FoxConn was said to be planning to build the same display manufacturing structure but this time in Taiwan.

From Focus Taiwan:

“The China Economic Weekly reported Tuesday that Foxconn has signed an agreement with the Zhengzhou city government in Henan Province, central China, to set up a display factory on a 133-hectare plot of land next to an iPhone 6 assembly plant. The new factory is expected to manufacture sapphire displays for the next generation of the Apple devices.”

Persistent rumors about Apple’s keen interest in sapphire displays for its iPhones are still evident just after more than a month when it’s supposed sapphire display manufacturing partner, GT Advanced Technologies, folded and filed for bankruptcy. GT Advanced Technologies could not produce the sapphire displays to meet Apple’s demand and strict quality requirements due to inherent manufacturing flaws encountered by the firm which resulted in the partnership dissolution between Apple and GT.

New reports coming in say that Apple has not put aside its plan to use sapphire glass for its forthcoming devices but market analysts caution Apple to carefully assess the capability of its new partner to deliver the desired display in enough quantities and exact quality which Apple demands.

Price of stock shares of Taiwanese sapphire manufacturers abruptly spiked after these reports about Apple’s interest in the said displays were reported.  It should also be noted that share price of local sapphire companies took a dive during the period when the latest iPhones came out without the sapphire glass displays.

The report further claims that Apple will also be using sapphire displays for its high-end Apple Watch which will be made available to consumers by 2015.

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