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Will Ellen Degeneres’ Undergo Breast Reduction Surgery?

Will Ellen Degeneres’ Undergo Breast Reduction Surgery?
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Will Ellen Degeneres’ Undergo Breast Reduction Surgery?

Ellen DeGeneres is going to undergo breast reduction surgery? At least that is what the rumors say.

The comedian reportedly has been secretly planning on reducing her breasts, which were something she has been trying to hide for quite some time. Reports regarding her plans on breast reduction have circulated on the internet and now made everyone guessing if she is going to do it.

Famous talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, can always be seen sporting clever tailor-made clothing. Reportedly, she’s wearing these to hide the swell of her breasts. It seems though that she’s tired of wearing the same style over and over again, and will rather reduce her breasts permanently!

According to Radar Online, a source said she has been talking about doing a breast reduction surgery. She still has not do it until now because  she was very busy for the past three years and did not have time to recover if she went ahead with it. “This is the year that Ellen will do the surgery. It’s going to be a big secret,” the source said.

The reason why she would do the breast reduction this year was because her show “Ellen” would end its season on May and would be back by September. Thus, she would have four months to recover from the surgery.

The source however, revealed that Portia de Rossi does not like the idea. She hated the thought of Ellen removing something  she personally thought are great.

It remains to be seen if DeGeneres goes ahead and do it. In the meantime, Gossip Cop report, a source close to Ellen DeGeneres assured that the rumors of her plans on breast reduction were “completely untrue”.

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