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Will Apple Finally Cancel iPhone 7 Due To Lack of Ideas?

Will Apple Finally Cancel iPhone 7 Due To Lack of Ideas?


Will Apple Finally Cancel iPhone 7 Due To Lack of Ideas?

iPhone 7 has been in the news for its features. Let us put it in a better way, the upcoming device is in the news for its lack of features. No headphone jack is one of the main reasons why the phone has been surrounded by negative talks. I personally feel that if the rumors turn out to be true, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 may only see a drop in the sales figure as the prices are skyrocketing and the number of features are reducing.

iPhone 8 is suspected to be an all-glass design. This though may be an exceptionally good looking phone but will also be a non-practical design when we consider the daily use and traveling with the phone. Before moving on to iPhone 8, let us see Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple analyst at KGI Securities has predicted about iPhone sales based on the iPhone 7 rumors.

The analyst whose predictions have always turned out true for Apple has said that the iPhone shipments in the current year are lower than that of 2014. According to 9to5Mac, “Kuo anticipates that Apple will be the only top-five smartphone brand to see a decline in shipments year over year.” The report further says, “The report predicts that under the worst case scenario, Apple will ship 190 million iPhones during 2016, which is lower than the 193 million it shipped in 2014.” Why do Kuo thinks that Apple sales will decline this year? He believes that iPhone 7 has no unique selling points. He has in his report also said that “the iPhone needs a visual redesign and new commercial features in order to keep attracting customers.”

With iPhone SE, it looks like Apple has already taken a bad decision by going back to a 4-inch phone, will the brand now take the analyst’s predictions seriously and cancel iPhone 7 to prevent further damage? Or will it introduce iPhone 8 features on iPhone 7 to stop fans from switching to Android? Wait and watch!

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