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Will Apple Drop The iPad Mini For The iPad Pro?

Will Apple Drop The iPad Mini For The iPad Pro?


Will Apple Drop The iPad Mini For The iPad Pro?

Will Apple Drop The iPad Mini For The iPad Pro?In October, Apple gave us the latest iterations of their much-loved tablets, the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3. The Cupertino firm devoted much of its effort in totally improving its premier iPad Air 2 by giving it a faster processor (the A8X), a thinner profile via the laminated display, TouchID Fingerprint Sensor, improved camera optics and other enhancements that were strangely withheld from the its smaller sibling, the iPad Mini 3, which only gained the TouchID Fingerprint Sensor as its update.

A new rumor now surfaces from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News which might explain the reason behind the iPad Mini 3’s very minimal update.  The publication said that Apple might be considering the idea of dropping the iPad Mini line and in lieu of the iDevice; the fruit firm will then concentrate on its much-rumored iPad Pro. The site further says that Apple will stop development on the 7.9-inch Mini and that the iPad Mini 3 made available to consumers this October will be the last update for the line.

Last September, Apple unleashed the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5-inch display screen size. It appears that Apple’s shift to larger screen sizes, the dwindling sales and the cutthroat competition in the mid-sized tablet niche have influenced the company’s decision to do away with the iPad Mini line by next year.

By doing this, Apple will be able to re-route its resources intended for the iPad Mini line to the much bigger iPad Pro which the report says will be the company’s answer to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3.  The Cupertino firm strategically transfers its raw materials from a product with decreasing profitability to new devices with greater sales potential.  Take the iPod Touch, for instance.  The 5th generation iPod Touch had its last major update and release in 2012 and has since been put in suspended animation although it had not been taken off the shelf (yet) like the iPod Classic. If the rumors are to be believed, then the iPad Mini line could be the next iDevice to face such a future to give way to the larger iPad Pro.

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