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WikiLeaks Offers Bounty For Whistleblower Of ‘America’s Most Wanted Secret’

WikiLeaks Offers Bounty For Whistleblower Of ‘America’s Most Wanted Secret’
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WikiLeaks Offers Bounty For Whistleblower Of ‘America’s Most Wanted Secret’

WikiLeaks will award a bounty to whoever can leak the rest of the chapters of the document that reveals “America’s most wanted secret.” The document the not-for-profit media organization sought to be made public involved the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement or TPP.

WikiLeaks described the TPP as “the largest agreement of its kind in history.” The multi-trillion dollar treaty is being negotiated in strict secrecy by the U.S., Japan, Mexico, Canada, Australia and 7 other countries.

TPP is super-secret global deal

The organization found by Julian Assange was able to publish three chapters of the document he described as “super-secret global deal.” The nations involved have worked hard to keep the documents confidential with the remaining 26 chapters of the agreement remained hidden from public.

On June 2, WikiLeaks has stepped forward in order for public to be given its rightful access to the well-kept chapters of the “monster trade pact.” Whoever can make these documents out in public will be paid by the organization with a reward amounting to $100,000.

“The transparency clock has run out on the TPP. No more secrecy. No more excuses. Let’s open the TPP once and for all,” Assange said in a statement.

Australian politicians allowed seeing TPP documents under some conditions

Meanwhile an exclusive report from The Guardian said that Australian politicians were told they can read the documents provided they obliged to “certain confidentiality requirements.” They should also agree not to speak of what they would find out for the next four years.

The politicians who were given the rare opportunity to see the top-secret files are Bruce Scott, George Christensen, Stephen Jones, Andrew Giles, Melissa Parke, Teri Butler and Nick Xenophon.

The politicians were asked to sign a document that contains the following conditions:

– “I will not divulge any of the text or information obtained in the briefing to any party, I will not copy, transcribe or remove the negotiating text.”

– “I further acknowledge that the negotiating text is confidential and sensitive; disclosure of the negotiating text may affect adversely TPP negotiations and Australia’s relations with other TPP partners.”

– “I therefore agree that these confidentiality requirements shall apply for four years after entry into force of the TPP, or if no agreement enters into force, for four years after the last round of negotiations.”


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