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WikiLeaks Launches Its Very Own Search Engine

WikiLeaks Launches Its Very Own Search Engine


WikiLeaks Launches Its Very Own Search Engine

For some time now, WikiLeaks has been a source of relevant and sensitive information about various governments and even private companies. But its followers may agree that getting through the whistle-blowing Website is not that easy as it seems. Now, there is good news for them as the site now offers its own search engine.

Going through and finding WikiLeaks documents will now be easier and faster. The Website has just activated its own search engine to make it easier for users to search for leaked cables and many other sensitive and classified documents.

Until now, WikiLeaks was a daunting online site for many of its users, who may be used to feeling that they just had no choice but to deal with it. Many observers think that such a straight-forward and dedicated search tool for its information would go a long way in helping new users leverage as well as learn navigating through the mass of information that WikiLeaks offers online.

Initial reports about the new search engine indicate that WikiLeaks now provides its users and other visitors with the sought-after help in the tedious task of poring through piles of documents that are posted on the Website.

Refined searches

Observers noted that just like any popular search engine, users can possibly refine the nature of their search using the new WikiLeaks search engine. This is to ensure that results to be generated are more accurate and are specifically focused.

Its filters allow users to ask WikiLeaks to just ignore some documents especially those that contain specified terms or phrases. Users may also limit their searches to those terms that may strictly appear within a page’s body.

Advanced options

If you think that is all to it, you may have to sit back for another surprise. The new WikiLeaks search engine even comes with its own advanced options. Those include checkboxes that enable visitors to find files particularly from identified or specified WikiLeaks release.

Some observers think that WikiLeaks, although informative to many users, could be a pain to navigate especially for people who are not used to using the complicated Website. With the new feature, it is expected that more people from around the world would get to further recognize and appreciate the service that WikiLeaks provides to private individuals. This may not spell good news to some  governments and private institutions that keep ‘skeletons in their closets.’ 

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