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WikiLeaks Director Dead: Gavin MacFadyen Dies In Mysterious Circumstances, Report

WikiLeaks Director Dead: Gavin MacFadyen Dies In Mysterious Circumstances, Report
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WikiLeaks Director Dead: Gavin MacFadyen Dies In Mysterious Circumstances, Report

The director of WikiLeaks, Gavin MacFadyen who was also the founder of the Centre for Investigative Journalism passed away at the age of 76.

His death came as the crusading organization, WikiLeaks, had promised to drop more devastating information against Hillary Clinton. He died of lung cancer in London on Saturday 22nd Oct 2016.

He was dedicated in bringing out the actual nature of power and that defined his life. He pioneered the making of a journalistic domain which had entirely lifted the bar for ethical and hard-hitting reporting.

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According to the official website of CIJ:”Gavin worked tirelessly to hold power to account. He once said ‘Good journalism is always political journalism’.”

However, speculations have been gradually rising, which said that Gavin MacFadyen died under mysterious circumstances. This particular conspiracy theory was being considered by many due to the timing of his death which coincided with the WikiLeaks’ vow to publish more incriminating information against Hillary Clinton.

“Gavin created an environment where everybody was helping everybody else,” said an investigative journalist from Paris, Mark Lee Hunter.

While working on his agenda, MacFadyen had developed an extreme concern for whistleblowers. He said that being a whistleblower was a dangerous thing, as many lost their wives, children and often their livelihood. That was the reason he said that they needed protection, said Washington Post.

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As CIJ became a great support to whistleblowers, it was during that time when he came across Julian Assange and his organization WikiLeaks. About Assange, he said that the Australian hacker was the most intelligent person he had worked with and was an inspirational figure.

And most recently, Wikileaks had promised to leak more devastating information about Hillary Clinton. WikiLeaks released the huge trove of emails belonging to John Podesta and the Ecuadorian embassy cut off Assange’s Internet connection.

According to a report by Morning News USA, Julian Assange had declared a monitory sum for anyone who who come up with incriminating information on the US Elections. Earlier, the organization had asked for information on Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Certain sources close to the organization had also stated that Assange might be prepping to leak new information regarding the U.S. Democratic Party, said another report by Morning News USA.

Gavin MacFadyen, however, died of lung cancer and there was nothing mysterious or strange about his death that had been reported.

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