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Wife Killed Childhood Sweetheart: Jan Sochalski Suffocates Husband In Hospital Bed

Wife Killed Childhood Sweetheart: Jan Sochalski Suffocates Husband In Hospital Bed
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Wife Killed Childhood Sweetheart: Jan Sochalski Suffocates Husband In Hospital Bed

Jan Sochalski was accused of killing her husband, Henry “Butch” Sochalski, and had been charged with second-degree murder. However, Jan denied any involvement in her husband’s death.

Henry “Butch” Sochalski was a retired police officer. After an elective back surgery, he was found dead in a hospital bed. According to Heavy, before he died, Henry was on a ventilator. Jan, 61, is a retired nurse. She had been married to Henry for 44 years.

According to witnesses, Jan was found lying on top of Henry at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center on May 2016. The nurse who saw her in the position said she had one hand around Henry’s stomach and the other across his mouth and nose. Another nurse said it looked like she was “pinching the victim’s nose.”

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Thirty minutes after this, Henry was dead.

Henry went into respiratory and cardiac arrest in April after the elective back surgery. Since then, his wife Jan had been complaining about taking care of her husband, according to an arrest report. The retired policeman had been unresponsive and was admitted to a unit that supports a patient with serious illness through specialized medical care.

An autopsy was performed on Henry the next day. The report came back on August 17. According to the NY Daily News, the autopsy report discloses that Henry died of asphyxia of the mouth, nose and trachea, as per Detective Dave Dinardi.

Dinardi stated that on August 18, he was told by the medical examiner’s office that Jan Sochalski had called to ask if her husband was brain dead at the time of his death. Earlier, Henry’s wife was extremely upset about the treatment he was getting. Due to this, on late April she threatened to go home and get his firearm to “shoot the people on the seventh floor” of the hospital.

Jan had also been administering pain medication to her husband, more than the amount needed. The pain medication was patient-controlled by pressing a button.

According to hospital reports, the button had been pressed 264 times over an 8-hour period.

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