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Wife Draws On Cigarettes To Help Husband Stop Smoking

Wife Draws On Cigarettes To Help Husband Stop Smoking
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Wife Draws On Cigarettes To Help Husband Stop Smoking

In the wake of a new smoking ban in public areas in Beijing, a woman found a new way to help her husband quit smoking.

On Tuesday, also observed as World No-Tobacco Day, a woman who goes by the surname Sou presented her husband Ran with a box of 20 cigarette sticks. Zou had drawn cartoons and written messages on these cigarettes to encourage her husband to stop smoking.

Some of the messages on the cigarettes were:

“Small animals are afraid of smoke, don’t you want to protect them?”

“This is your fortune, are you sure you want to burn it?”

In one cigarette, she’d drawn the picture of a child. “Isn’t this ‘child’ cute?” she wrote on the cigarette. “Do you have the heart to burn it?”

According to CCTV News, Ran is a salesman and smokes frequently because of the stress he endures in his job. Zou had previously made efforts to help him quit his habit, but they were not helpful.

Receiving his wife’s present, Ran said he will not smoke anymore. “I see these pictures and text, I’m really touched. If I don’t quit, I’ll be letting my wife down,” he said, as reported by China News. “From today onwards, I firmly say no to cigarettes. And when I’m entertaining, I’ll proudly display this gift, so it can also motivate my friends who smoke to quit.”

As reported by Mashable, those caught smoking from June 6 in public areas like restaurants, offices and public transportation will have to pay a fine of as much as 200 yuan. It hasn’t been made clear whether the same law has been enacted in other cities in China.

According to the World Health Organization, China makes up one third of the global smoking population. With more than 300 million smokers, the country has the world’s largest smoking population.

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