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Why ‘War Room’ Is A Significant Movie To Watch Nowadays

Why ‘War Room’ Is A Significant Movie To Watch Nowadays
“War Room” from their trailer


Why ‘War Room’ Is A Significant Movie To Watch Nowadays

Why the Kendrick Brothers movie, “War Room” is not for everyone. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

War Room” is a faith-based film by the Kendrick Brothers, Alex and Stephen, who also made other similar-themed movies like Fireproof, Facing the Giants and Courageous. It trampled “We Are Your Friend,” starring Zac Efron, a feat, which according to Variety garnered $600,000 in its opening on Thursday.

While still outdone by “Straight Outta Compton,” which is predicted to reign for its third consecutive week, “War Room” is a breather for the faithful amid the contemporary movie industry.

It centers on a couple, Tony (T.C. Stallings) and Elizabeth (Priscilla C. Shirer), who both have stable jobs and living a normal married life. Tony is a pharma rep and Elizabeth is a real-estate broker. But inside their home lies the truth that their relationship has gone the rough road already.

Amid the crumbling partnership, Tony has dabbled in building a flirtatious relationship with his colleague. Elizabeth then then meets a client named, Miss Clara, who served as her mentor in the movie and started ushering her into reforming her life, not just for her but for her husband and 10-year old daughter (Alena Pitts).

The movie, with its hard and in-your-face proselytizing works, will appeal only to those with the same faith, pushing non-believers (and non-praying audience members) away. Gagging on the “way too much” talk on Jesus and prayers, non-Christians might just turn away and dis the movie altogether.

But this is something we need as a society nowadays. With reports of failed and failing marriages filling our daily diet like routine, we need something that will bring us back to the sanctity of marrying a spouse, a partner whom we will spend the rest of our lives with. We need to get back to the basic of turning to God, even in the middle of our fight against ourselves which we then turn against our beloved partners.

This movie is a breath of fresh air – a new beginning – when all we see are people fighting for their rights to marry their same-sex partners. This brings us all back to the sacredness of God, uniting man and woman within a vow that He made pure and anointed.

Had Elizabeth not fought for her husband in that war room, they would just be another sad ending to the hope that marriage is for people who first felt love.

The opinions of this author are entirely her own and do not reflect those of Morning News USA’s.

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