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Why Rachel McAdams Is Delighted Of Co-star Colin Farrell

Why Rachel McAdams Is Delighted Of Co-star Colin Farrell
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Why Rachel McAdams Is Delighted Of Co-star Colin Farrell

Rachel McAdams plays Ani in “True Detective.” Recently, there was news that Rachel got close to Colin Farrell, her co-star in the show. Here is what she has to say about it.

While talking about shadowing police for her role, Rachel said, “I did a ride-along with police and I learned that everybody is lying to everybody else. I get it now when police officers are cynical, because criminals are always trying to pull one over on them.”

Rachel McAdams said that she loves working in the “True Detective” sequel not only for the role but also because of Colin Farrell. While speaking to Stylist Magazine, she said, “I felt connected to Ani on a gut level. I understood her as soon as I read her.”

While talking about Colin, Rachel said, “Working with Colin was a delight. He would come to my trailer for a chat and a cup of tea every day. We got really into chocolate coconut chips.”

It’s just that the star is quite comfortable with her co-stars and Colin Farrell is not the only one she is interested in. She is working with Jake Gyllenhaal in her upcoming film “Southpaw” and she is quite excited about it. This is what she had to say about her costar.

“Jake and I have been trying to work together for years and this came up and he was so passionate about it and Maureen is a totally different character to anything I’ve done before.”

While talking to E! News, Rachel McAdams said that she would not lay a finger on the sexy six-pack of Jake though it is quite tempting. Later she explained, “He was always greased up and covered in blood so it was like yucky abs!” She mentioned, “No I’m kidding. He looked amazing. He for sure looked amazing. I mean hats off to him for not just the physical transformation but the emotional, psychological transformation too.”

She is quite excited about working with Jake in her upcoming film and Rachel McAdams is happy that Jake has no body doubles during the shooting. Let’s wish her luck for her role in the movie as well as “True Detective.”

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