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Why Hillary Clinton Is The Most Admired Woman Of 2016

Why Hillary Clinton Is The Most Admired Woman Of 2016
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Why Hillary Clinton Is The Most Admired Woman Of 2016

  • Hillary Clinton won the Most Admired Woman In 2016 in the Gallup poll.
  • This is her 21st win for this category over the years.

Hillary Clinton has not only managed to secure most popular votes this year. She has also managed to secure the top spot for the Most Admired Woman In 2016 in the poll conducted by Gallup.

Hillary Clinton hailed as Most Admired Woman.

Despite her defeat in the Electoral College, her win reaffirmed the fact that her past record continues to strike a chord with the Americans. In fact, as the polls reflect, she even beat Michelle Obama, who came in second in the survey!

In case you were unaware, the Gallup poll is an open ended poll where US citizens are asked to name any one living woman whom they admire the most.

Also, among the top ten were listed women from all walks of life. Names ranged from the likes of Angela Merkel, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres to Queen Elizabeth and Malala Yousafzai.

Incidentally, this is not the first time that Hillary has been bestowed with this honor. She has been acing the polls ever since her husband, Bill Clinton, became the President, except for two years in between. In 1995 she was beaten by Mother Teresa and in 2001, Laura Bush came out on the top.

President Obama & Hillary Clinton’s Duo Loved By All

Nevertheless, this is Hillary’s 15th consecutive win as the Most Admired Woman Of The Year, which is pretty impressive.

According to the data collected, 26 percent of the Democrats voted for her, while 4 percent of the Republicans voted for Hillary and Ellen combined.

Here’s a fun fact – President Obama and Hillary have won the most admired man and woman every year since 2008. The tradition continued this year too. President Obama beat President-Elect Donald Trump to become The Most Admired Man In 2016.

It is hard to tell if their winning streak would continue even in the following year, with both preparing to start on their post-political lives. But for now, Americans have declared them as most deserving of the respective titles.


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