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Why Fitbit is Still Better Than Apple Wearables

Why Fitbit is Still Better Than Apple Wearables
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Why Fitbit is Still Better Than Apple Wearables

Wearable technology is changing the world of interaction as we speak. While we think Apple is quite innovative in its wearable tech, Fitbit has proven to have dominated the visionary company in a recent survey.

In a statement by Kantar wearable tech analyst Shannon Conway said, “Fitbit established itself as an early market leader, capturing 61.7 percent of the US installed base by communicating a clear and simple value proposition to consumers. Apple accounts for 6.8 percent of the total number of fitness band and smartwatch owners in the US.”

The reason for their success lies behind their ability to impress the consumer with simple layman options in fitness bands, which doesn’t require an individual to break a sweat. While Apple on the other hand, may provide innovative features with the best technology in their wearable device. But, people just aren’t ready to purchase a smart watch for its grand features; it’s still not a necessity unlike smartphones.

Conway also said, “From the onset, fitness bands offered a clear and simple value-proposition centered around health and wellness, On the other hand, smartwatches face a harder sell with their higher price tags and unclear use case, but have found more recent success with lower-cost sports models and marketing their fitness tracking capabilities.”

Learning from Fitbit, we can see companies like Xiaomi produce simple fitness bands with heart rate that doesn’t require any instructions as long as the consumer is well aware of using his smartphone device.

According to CNET, three out of four wearable devices worn by people in the US fall into fitness category. Only 23 percent or lower own a smartwatch.

Market reasercher IDC  reported in February that Fitbit shipped over 21 million of its product worldwide in 2015 and up to 11 million in 2014. IDC also added that, Xiaomi stands next after Fitbit and later comes Apple.

Fitbit CEO James Park confidently flaunted his wearable devices for its simplicity and stressing that as the primary selling point of their company. Mocking approaches of other companies like Apple for their selling strategy on smartwatches.

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