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Why Apple Inc Agreed to Extend Product Warranties in Australia

Why Apple Inc Agreed to Extend Product Warranties in Australia


Why Apple Inc Agreed to Extend Product Warranties in Australia

Apple Inc Agreed to Extend Product Warranties in AustraliaApple Inc has agreed to revamp its own warranty policy in Australia. That is after the giant technology firm went into discussions with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). It was accused of not complying with the general Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

The company was found guilty of not offering product warranties based on Australian law. In general, product warranties in Australia covers up to 24 months after purchase. Apple used to offer just 12 months of warranty to Australian customers, who were prompted to complain about it.

Also under the same deal, Apple would focus more on training sales as well as management staff. Of course, it would also extend that focus to include call center representatives. The company is required to make and create another online site that was aimed at clearing differences between Apple’s voluntary manufacturers’ limited warranties.

Watchdog speaks

In a statement, ACCC said it was very concerned about Apple’s own warranties as well as refund policies. It particularly zeroed in on effective exclusion of consumer guaranties that are found in ACL.

According to ACCC Chairman Rod Sims, this should serve as a reminder to other businesses that they should abide by the ACL guarantee rights. He reminded all businesses that no one could remove or replace specific consumer guarantee laws under Australian law. The country is known for having one of the strictest and most consumer-focused legislations in the world.

Bad year for Apple in other countries

As expected, Apple has not yet released its opinion about this news. It may remain silent for good. Interestingly, this is not the first time for Apple to come under fire due to its warranty policy. Interestingly, the company has recently faced several similar issues in other countries around the globe.

In March this year, it has been accused of lax enforcement of its two-year product warranties in the European Union-member nations. The commission has found that Apple does not adequately inform its customers about the presence and duration of its product warranties.

In April, it came into a row with China when several Chinese customers complained that they were not properly informed about the company’s repair and warranty policies. Shortly, Apple agreed to settle that case for $53 million. This was understandable as the company has been aiming to strengthen its presence in the strong Chinese market.

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