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Who Will Make The Best ‘The Bachelor Australia’ Michael Or Richie?

Who Will Make The Best ‘The Bachelor Australia’  Michael Or Richie?

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Who Will Make The Best ‘The Bachelor Australia’ Michael Or Richie?

Their hearts will not end being always heartbroken. Michael and Richie could be the next star in “The Bachelor Australia.”

They may not have been able to win the heart of the inaugural “The Bachelorette Australia,” Sam Frost, but their fair chance of getting love is still open.

Michael and Richie the other two of the final three of the show are not being considered to be the next bachelor of Australia.

Richie was not only the fan favorite for the just concluded session of “The Bachelorette Australia” but he was also the one Sam felt happy with. Remember their old age date and you will know how he brought smile on her face. So, is he okay will the option to become “The Bachelor Australia” for the next season?

Richie Strahan told about it in an interview after he failed to make it to the final two. He said, “Crikey that’s such a big decision to make, I am processing so much right now with the show ending,” adding, “Look, I don’t know, it would be a big decision to make; it’s a huge thing to do and I wouldn’t make that decision lightly.”

The Perth based rope-access technician is still single. He has decided not to stay in touch with Sam Frost as he feels that would hamper her relation with Sasha. He has also mentioned that people are asking him about being the next bachelor of Australia and he is open to the option.

Richie has a celebrity crush on Miss Universe Australia Renae Ayris whom he follows on Instagram. He stated, “Clearly I’ve got no chance here,” adding, “I followed her on Instagram and every now and then I’d just see a picture of her head and I’d be ‘My God. It’s incredible’.”

As far as Michael Turnball is concerned, he is ready to get settled down really soon. He is a total package in terms of career achievements, look and mind it, no grooming needed. He can well be the price charming of anyone he falls in love with.

Michael has achieved whatever he wanted in his career and now he wants to turn his focus on something else, that is finding a soul mate. The 34 years old charmer may well be the next bachelor of Australia. He also said, “I’m open to all opportunities. I had such a positive experience, regardless of the outcome — the experience was so great for me. Everyone that looked after me, Network Ten and Shine, have been so good. So if I was lucky enough to get offered it, I would definitely consider it. I just really think it was such a positive experience.”

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