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White Xbox One Consoles now Selling on eBay at Expensive Prices

White Xbox One Consoles now Selling on eBay at Expensive Prices


White Xbox One Consoles now Selling on eBay at Expensive Prices

Those who are into collecting rare versions of popular items could be up for some interesting stuff. By now, they should have discovered 10 units of rare white-colored Xbox One units that are being auctioned at eBay. The consoles are being auctioned by nine different sellers.

In case you might be wondering, Microsoft Corp did not release white versions of its popular videogaming console. But as a reward to its employees, Redmond distributed white and silver versions of Xbox One to its personnel in August, ahead of the official launch of the console in November.

The exclusive edition package comes with the white or silver console with equally interesting accessories. Those include a black Kinect sensor, white controller, and a year-long membership and free access to Xbox Live. As if those are not yet enough, Microsoft printed the statement “I Made This” on each machine’s front.

Rare collectible

Many fanatics and enthusiasts of Xbox One have already been calling on Microsoft to release collectible versions in white. There is an assumption that such requests started when they learned that the company had distributed limited and exclusive versions to its employees prior to the public launch of the console.

But so far, the company has not taken any heed. Now, some of its enterprising employees are aiming to monetize on the rare items that they own. Those employees must have known that there is a growing clamor for white Xbox One consoles.

As a matter of fact, those sellers are now trying to auction their rare consoles for about three to seven times more than the current commercial price of Xbox One, about $500. The eBay listing prices for the collectibles are up from $1,800 to $3,566.

Xbox One

Interestingly, four of the 10 excusive white Xbox One units are being offered on bidding options. However, as of press time, there is still no offer that has been entered. Moreover, collectors and interested gamers should hurry. That is because all those four auctions are set to end by March 30. Furthermore, the deal is exclusive to US residents only.

Xbox One was launches in November. It sold over a million consoles about 24 hours after its initial release. However, its rival Sony Corp’s PlayStation 4 outperformed it when it hit the retail shelves a week after.

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