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WhatsApp Vs Telegram Vs Viber: Choosing The Best Messaging App For You

WhatsApp Vs Telegram Vs Viber: Choosing The Best Messaging App For You
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WhatsApp Vs Telegram Vs Viber: Choosing The Best Messaging App For You

The use of instant messaging apps has skyrocketed in the last decade. The number of malicious hackers has also increased tenfold. Here are a few things you need to know before clicking the “Send” button on WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber.

All three messaging apps feature end-to-end security. They encrypt messages to provide the utmost privacy to both sender and receiver.

WhatsApp and Telegram have garnered high praises for their impressive encryption systems. Viber is new to the game, having introduced the feature in April 2016. Viber’s new layer of security only applies to one-to-one and group conversations in which participants use the latest build version of the app.

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WhatsApp has received a new software update. The patch introduced the two-factor authentication system. The 2FA entails maximum privacy protection by adding an extra firewall during log in.

WhatsApp Two-Factor Authentication

According to Sunday Express, WhatsApp users are required to key in a six-digit passcode each time a device is registered to their account. They can input their email addresses in the event they forget their six-digit passcode.

Telegram is different from WhatsApp and Viber in that it specializes in sending all sorts of data files. Users can initiate Secret Chats so messages and chat boxes will self-destruct in a matter of seconds to a week, Neurogadget pointed out.

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Once a Secret Chat invitation is accepted, encryption keys for the chat session are exchanged. Telegram’s MTProto protocol is responsible for encrypting the messages. Unlike the app’s cloud-based messages, messages sent via a Secret Chat can only be accessed on the device that initiated the secret session and the device that accepted the invitation.

Telegram Periodically Updates Secret Chats

Secret Chats have been around since December 2014. Telegram regularly changes its encryption keys after a key has been used for over a week or more than 100 times. Old encryption keys are then discarded and later on destroyed.

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