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After WhatsApp, Viber Introduces ‘End-To-End Encryption’

After WhatsApp, Viber Introduces ‘End-To-End Encryption’


After WhatsApp, Viber Introduces ‘End-To-End Encryption’

With growing interference from the government and the increased risk of hacking, messaging apps are working hard on tightening security. On the one hand, software companies and smartphone manufacturers are trying their best to come up with devices and software that make breaking into the device almost impossible. But still, the companies haven’t reached what they are aiming for yet. On the other hand, apps like Viber are making sure they protect your device and private data by introducing end-to-end encryption.

Rcently, WhatsApp also announced end-to-end encryption where the app protects every message, photo, call, or video shared with family and friends via the app. The information sent and received will now strictly between just the sender and receiver. Joining the trend, Viber has also announced end-to-end encryption where all the following information will be available strictly to sender and reciver:

  1. Messages,
  2. Photos,
  3. Videos,
  4. Voice and Video Calls

To use end-to-end encryption, here is what you need to have on your device:

  • iOS 6.0 or later
  • Android 6.0 or later
  • Desktop 6.0 or later
  • Windows 10

If you are a Windows phone user, here is bad news for you. This new Viber update will not support Windows 8 phones. But the app will still secure messages and calls “through standard encryption methods.”

Viber End-To-End Encryption: What is it?

The app not just announced the new update with end-to-end encrytion but also explained how is your data encrypted. On its support page, the team wrote,

“When we refer to end-to-end security encryption, we mean that any two users can rest assured that they are the only people who are able to read each other’s messages or hear their conversations. Viber’s security technology requires two devices to communicate using a secret code instead of plain, understandable text. Only the device sending the message and the device receiving the message has the key to decipher the code. No middle man – not even Viber – is able to read and understand the code. Thus, anyone trying to hack or spy on these communications is unable to and their efforts to hack the code will be futile.”

Update Viber today and enjoy enhanced security.

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