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WhatsApp Reaches a Milestone; Announces 400 Million Monthly Active Users

WhatsApp Reaches a Milestone; Announces 400 Million Monthly Active Users


WhatsApp Reaches a Milestone; Announces 400 Million Monthly Active Users

WhatsApp 400 Million Monthly Active UsersWhatsApp has announced reaching a milestone that it claims no other mobile messaging application has ever reached, so far. The popular app said it now generates 400 million users who actively use its service monthly. This may cement its status as the most used messaging app on smartphones to date.

The mobile messaging app clarified that the figure doesn’t just pertain to registered users. WhatsApp reiterated that the number refers to users who actively use this service each month. Proof to the app’s popularity is the significant increase in its users in the last four months alone: 100 million active users.

Logically, the achievement is an impressive one for WhatsApp. The company claims that it has not acquired any targeted marketing campaign or advertisement just to promote itself. And one may have to wonder how a lean firm like it with just 50 employees (mostly engineers) could handle such a large volume of monthly users worldwide.

Word of mouth

In a blog post, WhatsApp attributed its success to word of mouth marketing. It thanked its loyal users who continuously share their experiences in the use of the app with their friends, loved ones, and co-workers. The enjoyable and satisfactory messaging experiences of users in the use of the app have helped further promote and disseminate the usefulness of WhatsApp.

It also helps that it is currently available in various operating systems. WhatsApp is now available for downloading to users of iOS, Android, Nokia S40, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Symbian devices. It is also available to users from across the globe.

The support it gets from new users could also be considered as overwhelming considering that the app is not a free download. WhatsApp could be downloaded and installed to any mobile device for $0.99. Moreover, the founders and operators of the app keep their word not to run in-app ads within the service.

Installing the app

Are you yet to download and use WhatsApp? The messaging app is now available for downloading through the corresponding app stores of various smartphone makers and operating systems. It could also be accessed through its official Website.

WhatsApp is popular across North America, while it is facing stiff competition from other apps like WeChat, Line, and Kakao Talk in Asia. Several months ago, it was featured in the original music video for the single ‘Roar’ by US pop sensation Katy Perry.

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