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WhatsApp Experiences Second Outage after being Acquired by Facebook

WhatsApp Experiences Second Outage after being Acquired by Facebook


WhatsApp Experiences Second Outage after being Acquired by Facebook

What’s up with WhatsApp? The popular messaging app experienced a new outage on Wednesday (April 2). It was the second outage of the service since it was bought by Facebook in February. The popular social networking site spent $16 billion just to own WhatsApp.

As usual, users of the messaging service went to Twitter to complain about how they could not access their accounts in WhatsApp. In their tweets, they indicated that the service either simply failed working or has become super slow.

As reported by observers, the issue started around 8:34 in the morning (ET) of Wednesday. As of press time, the messaging service still has yet to confirm the outage. But it is assumed that it is already back to normal operations.

Service disruption

Some users said they encountered a message that read “Sorry, our service is experiencing a problem right now. We are working on it and hope to restore the functionality shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

But as it turned out, many of the affected users did not take it sitting down. They went to other social networking sites like Twitter to air their sentiments against the service blockage. Some of them could not help but wonder if it has only been a coincidence that the outages seem to happen more frequently now that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.

Acquisition by Facebook

As mentioned, this instance was the second disruption of service since Facebook’s takeover. The most recent outage took place on February 22, a few days following the transaction. That recent outage lasted just 3,5 hours, but it already created quite a stir among most of the users.

Interestingly, the most recent outage on Wednesday overshadowed the good news that WhatsApp shared to the public on the evening of Tuesday. The messaging service was pleased to announce that it had record-breaking usage volume recently.

On its Twitter account, WhatsApp announced that it has processed 64 billion messages in just a single day recently. That figure easily broke the record high of 54 billion, which happened on New Year’s Eve. However, WhatsApp failed to specific the exact date when the record volume of messages was set. It simply detailed that on the record-breaking day, the service processed over 20 billion inbound or sent messages combined with over 44 billion outbound or received messages by its users on a single day. 

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