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WhatsApp: Did You Mistakenly Hit ‘Send?’ Here’s How To Delete The Sent Message

WhatsApp: Did You Mistakenly Hit ‘Send?’ Here’s How To Delete The Sent Message


WhatsApp: Did You Mistakenly Hit ‘Send?’ Here’s How To Delete The Sent Message

It is very annoying when you’re typing, something happens and the message gets sent. While sending a half message is alright as you can immediately send another WhatsApp message, sending a message that you were still thinking about is not cool. What if you are informing your boss that you will not be able to work today and all that was sent was, ‘I am taking a day off?’ before you could think of a valid explanation to add to it?

Many times, while searching for a contact which is not already on your chat list, you end up sending a WhatsApp message to someone you never intended to. In such cases, how do you reverse the action? To delete a WhatsApp message, you have to be quick, very quick. You cannot keep your phone aside, take a nap, wake up and then delete the message. You have to accomplish the task within seconds.

Deleting Sent WhatsApp Message

First and foremost thing you can do if you send a WhatsApp message to a wrong person or do not wish to send what you just typed and accidentally hit send, then keep pressing the message you intend to delete. A window will popup. Hit delete.

Another method you can try is – Immediately turn on airplane mode. You can also turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data. This will at least give you time to long press the message for ‘delete’ option before it gets delivered.

But the action can be reversed only before the sent message is delivered to another person. Please note, the WhatsApp message can be deleted before it is delivered, not read. So even if the person is yet to read your message but the sent message has reached him/her, you cannot do anything about it. Yes, pray that the receiver is out of the network area, so you get the time to work on deleting the message.

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