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WhatsApp Beta: Introducing Android N Compatible Features

WhatsApp Beta: Introducing Android N Compatible Features


WhatsApp Beta: Introducing Android N Compatible Features

Android Marshmallow, even before reaching all the compatible smartphones, has become outdated. Why? Because Android N is coming. And it’s coming faster than people were expecting it to. So, apps now have no other option than to prepare themselves and introduce features that work on Android N. Here’s an app we use daily that is making changes to match Android N’s features: WhatsApp. But right, now the changes are being made only to WhatsApp Beta.

WhatsApp has released a new version, WhatsApp Beta version 2.12.560 which is introducing new features that are compatible with Android N. One of such key features is Quick Reply. Users can now reply to messages from the notifications box which means you will not have to open the message and then reply. This will prove helpful especially while traveling. Many times, you receive a WhatsApp message from a colleague to whom even your quick “Ok” is important. In case you are traveling, you can just slide the notification window and type “Ok” or “Yes” or “Go Ahead” quickly with a thumb and continue with whatever you are busy with. You can also use emojis or even attach an audio message with the “Quick Reply.” Though this feature is suitable for Android N, this does not mean that other users cannot use it. But yes, only latest Android users can get to enjoy this quick reply feature.

Along with Quick Reply, WhatsApp Beta is also bringing changes to the tap menu. Nashville Chatter writes, “To get more options on a group or contact, one had to long-press the name of the contact or group to pop up the list. This is no more with version 2.12.560 as the same actions have now been moved to the app’s title bar. In short, all you need is to tap on a profile image and the new options will come up in a smarter way.” So, in the near future can we expect to see more changes in WhatsApp? Definitely! But whether other Android users will be able to benefit from the new features is something we cannot comment on right now.

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