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WhatsApp Announces Beta Testing Version On Google Play

WhatsApp Announces Beta Testing Version On Google Play
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WhatsApp Announces Beta Testing Version On Google Play

Mobile Messaging App WhatsApp is now offering a beta tester version on the Play Store. The move could potentially expand the app’s ability to reach a broader range of testers by making it easier for them to sign up to try new versions of its messaging software.

According to Tech Crunch, it would also be easier for it to distribute new releases and features every time they become available. This would prove to be favorable for the Facebook app, as it will be able to receive feedback easily from a more diverse group of users since it is easier to sign up now.

Having a beta version on Google Play Store will also help the app gain more valuable feedback and give them time to iron out bugs and flaws the app has before it goes into the final product. And in the long run, can prove useful in keeping up with its competitor. Currently, WhatsApp already has its own testing program in place. It hosts beta builds of its APK file directly on its own website reports Venture Beat.

Most of the time, this standalone APK, which is out of the Google Play Store, would see small changes, but sometimes it would receive notable new features first. However, the participants would have to track the app’s site or the APK Mirror site in order to stay informed about the recent builds.

Previously, the APK process also requires testers to open up their device’s security settings in order to allow apps to be installed from what is deemed to be an un-trusted source. This is because the app was distributed thru a website. But now testers will have an easier life with the beta version on the Play Store.

With the new beta, participants will also have no need to join a Google+ community or Google Police in order to test the app’s latest update or features; as the process is made simpler by just visiting the WhatsApp’s official testing page to sign up for the program, reports Android Police.

The upcoming beta tester app of the messaging service is already confirmed to be coming out soon. The exact date is still something that hasn’t been announced and cleared by a representative of the app.

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